• Image of Rainbow Bloomkini
  • Image of Rainbow Bloomkini

The Rainbow Bloomkini® is old fashioned, sweet & simple. This pattern has been "Blake tested" at the park & playground. :) It is a real-life outfit that is comfortable & doesn't slip off shoulders or get tangled while playing. The fabric is amazing.

Here are some answers to common questions:

Can you swim in this? Yes. This is something you can swim in - it is spandex Lycra fabric. Its perfect for the kiddie pool, beach, and lake. (because chlorine ruins everything so we use cheap suits in the pool). That's not saying you can't but I'm telling you what I do or don't do.

What other style suit can VCB do? I can do any style but right now this is the only style suit we will offer for sale. I like the fact that it will dry quickly and wash well but best of all it's covering my girls bum. These are the perfect addition to your little girls wardrobe because we can coordinate them to your dresses because the bottoms are also going to work as bloomers under your dresses year round..

Are these lined? The top is lined in cotton. The bottoms are not lined.

I hope you love our swimwear concept we can't wait for you to try one

Swimsuit: Machine wash Gentle, hang to dry.

** We always recommend choosing the size that corresponds with your childs age. This suit is shown on a typical yet tall
Sized 7 yr old. She's wearing a 7. Please enter the size you need in comments when you checkout: